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Ever got food delivered to you? Then there’s a good chance that you used the Postmates app.

Postmates is an app that can be downloaded from the app store to your mobile device.

The app allows you to order food from different locations and have it delivered to you. This is very convenient as you can get food from your favorite restaurant without having to leave the comfort of your home.

How it Started

Let’s start from the very beginning. Postmates was co-founded in 2011 by Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice, and Sam Street. Originally, Postmates wasn’t created to be a food delivery app.

In fact, Postmates was meant to deliver items/goods to where it needed to be shipped to. It was when they had discovered that many people started using that for food delivery. 

Postmates is considered an on-demand company. When there is a user requesting the delivery service, a postmates deliverer brings them their order. If no one is requesting food delivery, then a postmate deliverer is not needed.

Currently, Postmates headquarters are based in San Francisco. The Postmates app is used all over the U.S. and in all 50 states. The app offers over 350,000 restaurants for users to choose from.

Using the App

Postmates has created two apps for users to use depending on what they choose to use it for. The two apps are called Postmates- Food Delivery or Postmates- Fleet. I will come back to explaining the difference between both of the apps shortly.

Both apps are available to download on iOS or Android device. Users are able to download both.

Postmates- Food Delivery

Craving Pizza? Thai Food? Korean? Don’t want to leave your couch? If you want to get food delivered to you, then the Postmates- Food Delivery app is the one for you. 

Regardless if you’re at work, school, or your home, Postmates is able to deliver to your location. Once you have the app open, the Postmates app should already have access to your location so it is easy for you to order. 

The app will show you different food places nearby, along with how long it will take the food to get delivered, and the cost of the delivery free. Users are able to browse at different places shown on the screen based on delivery time, special offers, Postmate favorites, delivery prices, categories, users can search for specific places, etc. The possibilities on Postmates is endless. 

There is also a special on the app for new users to try out Postmates. New users that sign up get their first delivery free of delivery charge.

Postmates- Fleet

Want to earn extra-income on your free time? Then you should download Postmates- Fleet. The Postmates Fleet app allows users to sign up, accept, and deliver orders from users. It is free to sign up and you get 100% of the tips you earn on each delivery. 

Users on this app are able to create their own schedule and not have to worry about a boss. You are able to instantly deposit your earnings that you make. You are able to choose whether you want weekly deposits or you want it deposited instantly (50 cent charge). 

Becoming a Postmate 

Here are the steps to becoming a Postmate deliverer:

  1. Download the Postmates – Fleet app & Create an account
  2. Authorize a background check
  3. Upload a profile picture
  4. Set up your direct deposit
  5. Activate your Postmates Prepaid Card

Once you have completed these steps to becoming a “Postmate”, you will get sent a free delivery bag and a prepaid card to make your delivery easier.

Postmates success

Postmates is one of the 3 most massive food delivery companies in the U.S.. Postmates’ biggest competitors include UberEats and DoorDash. Postmates has an estimated $400 million revenue and has reached $1.2 billion in food sales. They have approximately 5 million deliveries each month through their app. 

There are also famous celebrities whose Postmates orders have gone viral on social media. Post Malone had been announced a Postmates’ fan. He alone has spent over $40,000 last year on the delivery service. According to her order history, Kylie Jenner has spent about $10,000 on food delivery.


By the looks of it, Postmates will continue to grow and expand as time progresses. The company will more than likely implement different strategies to outdo their competition.

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