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Lime is a new and trendy electric scooter company. It is on the top-charts for being a successful start-up company alongside its rivals Bird and Spin. However the Lime electric scooter company continues to steadily keep progressing in popularity.

Background about Lime

The founders of the Lime electric scooter company is Toby Sun and Brad Bao. The Lime company is currently worth $2.4 billion. The company has received investment from Google’s venture capital arm and Andreessen Horowitz. Lime is currently available in over 100 cities. Lime is available in select U.S. cities, select International cities, select U.S. college campuses, and select International college campuses.

On the Lime website, you are able to find a full list of where exactly Lime is being offered. You are also able to vote to bring Lime to your city, campus or business free of cost on their website. 

Requirements to use Lime

The requirements to ride a Lime electric scooter includes having a valid U.S. driver’s license, being at least 18 years of age, wearing a helmet when using the scooter, following all traffic laws, and riding the speed limit. If you meet the requirements to ride a Lime electric scooter, you can begin to look for one to ride by using the Lime or Uber App.

Lime currently has a partnership with Uber. Uber is promoting Lime by allowing users to access the Lime electric scooters through the Uber app. Once you are either on the Uber or Lime app, it will show you all the nearby Lime scooters based on your location. 

How to use Lime

Once you find a Lime electric scooter and you wish to begin your ride, all you need to do is scan the QR code provided by the app or manually enter the 6-digit vehicle code. Either step, will grant you access and unlock the Lime scooter so you can begin riding. It is noted on the Lime website that you must be wearing a helmet at all times when riding one of their electric scooters.

It is also important to remember that when you are parking your Lime scooter, it should be parked the same way bikes are parked. The scooter should not be ridden on sidewalks, they should not be blocking sidewalks, service ramps, bus stops or shop entrances. Lime has provided on their website a link to a YouTube video on how to properly park a Lime electric scooter.

When your ride has come to an end, the way to end the ride begins with properly parking it. Once the scooter has been properly parked, you just click on the “End Ride” button on the app. The app will then provide you with a complete summary of your trip.

Cost to Ride

How much does it cost to ride a Lime electric scooter? To unlock a Lime electric scooter, it costs $1 to unlock on the Uber app. Once in use, it costs 15 cents per minute to ride. In order to be able to ride a Lime electric scooter, you need to download the app on your smartphone. The app is available to download on the Apple App Store and through Google Play.

Types of Rides

With Lime, there are four different methods of mobility they offer. There is the Lime-S, Lime-E, the Lime Bike, and the LimePod.


Lime-S is an electric scooter that is powered by rechargeable lithium battery and a 250-watt motor. The battery is splash proof, so it can be used when raining or snowing. The app on your phone will allow you to be able to see the available battery left on the scooter. The Lime-S scooter has a maximum range of approximately 20+ miles depending on usage, according to the Lime site.


The Lime-E is an electric assist bike that is easy to use. Similar to the Lime-S scooter, the battery is splash proof and you can check its remaining battery life through the app. The Lime-E has a maximum range of 50+ miles depending on usage, as stated on the site.

Lime Bike

The Lime Bike is just a classic bicycle. 

The LimePod

The LimePod is a car that is meant to be used for sharing. The difference between using the scooters/bikes and the LimePod, is that the LimePod requires you to take certain steps before operating the car.

In order to operate the LimePod, you must scan your valid U.S. driver’s license, pass the driving record check, and pay a $15 application fee that will be credited back to your account.

Like the other modes of transportation, the LimePod costs $1 to unlock and it charges you 40 cents a minute when in use. According to the Lime site, the gas and insurance are both included.

Lime Juicers

“Juicers can earn up to $30+ per hour and $100+ per night collecting, charging and redistributing Lime-S.”

A fun fact, Lime also hires “Lime Juicers”. They are people that are hired as independent contractors to pick up scooters, charge them, and then put them back out so users are able to continue riding. This goes along with their goal of going green and showing support in the community. 


The Lime electric scooter company moving forward, will continue to strive for innovation to become the most popular electric scooter company. In April of 2019, the co-founder of Lime, Brad Bao, had discussed during an interview how the Lime company is working on the electric scooter being able to detect if the user is too drunk to ride. Innovative ideas such as this one will help their brand image stay relevant and continue to grow and expand in the future.

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