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Fetii: The First Social Media & Ridesharing App Is Beginning Its Expansion To Austin, Tx.

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Taking several vehicles just so everyone can get to the same destination can be a hassle. Those days are long over now that Fetii has come into the picture. Fetti is an integrated social and ride-sharing app that provides on demand group rides as well as a platform for users to create and chat about their upcoming events. Fetii has created a new digital world where its users are free to chat, create experiences, and book group rides, all in one app.

How it Started

Pyro Equity, a business development firm managed by world class investors Matthew Iommi and Justin Rath, is known for its success in building and scaling multiple technology-based businesses. Using its elite team of digital marketers, developers, and managers, Pyro Equity is equipped to invest in startups and build them into titans of that industry.

Iommi and Rath both saw a duel-market opportunity in the social media & transportation industry and began to capitalize on it immediately. They were keen on understanding the importance of implementing a social media platform within their model, so Iommi and Rath took an outdated group transportation model and evolved it into what is now known as Fetii.

Fetii App

Types of Fetii Vehicles

Fetii is currently offering two types of vehicles users can select when booking a ride through the app. Depending on the number of passengers, users can ride the Fetii van or the Fetii bus. 

The Fetii van can hold up to 14 passengers. The average cost per person to ride this vehicle is roughly $4. In order to book this vehicle there needs to be a minimum of 6 passengers in order to start the trip. 

The Fetii bus can hold up to 25 passengers. The average cost per person to ride this vehicle is roughly $6. In order to book this vehicle there needs to be a minimum of 15 passengers in order to start the trip.

Fetii Bus

Booking/Scheduling a Ride

Once you download the Fetii app, you must have a payment method set in order to book a ride. When the payment method is set up, you are able to book a ride to your desired destination. You can then choose what vehicle you prefer to ride in based on the estimated number of passengers.

With Fetii, you do not need to enter the amount of people that are going to be riding. This is to accommodate people who don’t know the exact number of people who are going to be riding the Fetii.

Fetii also allows you to schedule a future ride. You are able to schedule a ride up to a month in advance. The steps for scheduling a ride is the same, instead of clicking “Book a Ride”, you click “Schedule a Ride”. The process is simple and the app is very easy to navigate.

Fetii App

Checking In

When riders are checking in, they must have the Fetii app downloaded onto their mobile device. They also must have a payment method saved in the Fetii app. (This also applies if you have a free ride). Payment methods include PayPal, Apple Pay, and Debit/Credit Card.

When your Fetii vehicle arrives, everyone who is going to ride needs to check-in. When checking in, the Fetii app will ask how many passengers you are paying for. If you are just paying for yourself, you would put only “1”. If you are paying for yourself and other riders, you just put the number of people you are paying for plus yourself. If someone else is paying for your ride, you would put the number “0”.

Each vehicle has a unique QR code that the riders must scan through the Fetii app in order to board the vehicle. Payment will be taken as soon as the rider scans the QR code. Every single rider must scan the QR code regardless if someone else is paying for them. They will not get charged when they scan if someone has paid for them.

Fetii QR Code

Fetii Social

Besides being able to book rides through the app, Fetii also has created a unique experience for its users called Fetii Social. Fetii Social serves as a social media platform where users can connect with their other “Fetii friends”, create events and activities, create group chats, and store their memories from their events. 

Fetii Social is a platform that can be used without needing to book a ride. Fetii Social allows users to view events that are happening in the area and the events their “fetii friends” have attended and are planning to attend. In addition, these social users can also post event updates, reactions, and plan their own events and activities. When a user is planning an event or activity, it is not required for a Fetii to be booked. Users are free to create any event or activity, invite their “Fetii friends”, and create a private group chat with the friends invited. Users also have the ability to hide certain events from specific friends. This is perfect if someone is planning a surprise party or if a user just wants to hide that event from a specific person. Fetti social can also store your memories from your events attended. This includes pictures and videos taken during the event that you want to save. Saving them through Fetii social allows users to save their phone’s storage. You can always go back and view these saved memories whenever you want, as well as your Fetii friends!

Fetii Social

Downloading the App

The Fetii app is available to download for free on the
App Store and Google Play. When you download the app and sign up, your first ride is free. Users merely need to click in their free credit button on the app and enjoy the ride.
Fetii App


Moving forward, Fetii will continue to increase in popularity and is soon to be a leader in the group transportation market. We can only expect growth and expansion in the future as the company will be sure to expand to other states in the United States and in the future even expand world-wide. Only time will tell.

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