whatsthatstartup - January 3, 2021

Right now in the U.S. over 75% of commuters choose to drive to work alone in their car. This translates into nearly 115 million vehicles transporting exactly one person each, a statistic that is increasing as workforce continues to grow.

As cities deal with a growing population, rising emissions and increasing congestion, one thing is certain, the future of transportation is shared mobility. The proliferation of individual rides is too energy intensive and leads to intolerable levels of congestion, fundamental issues that many shared mobility companies such as Uber or Lyft fail to properly address in their business models.

Fetii is a shared mobility company that provides on-demand group ridesharing and commuting solutions for groups and businesses in order to reduce emissions and decrease congestion.

Fetii Group

Fetii’s offering connects their network with groups who need to get from Point A to Point B. Their mode of transportation, a 15-passenger transit van, enables groups of up to 14 to be transported in a single vehicle with the press of a button. Fetii’s IOS and Android application allows for groups to hail a Fetii Vehicle when and where they need it, providing a practical and quality-rich user-experience. Key benefits to Fetii’s group offering include:

• An individual can request a Fetii Vehicle using a user-friendly application at the time of need. The convenience of on-demand removes the necessity of pre-planning which is frequently subjected to unforeseen circumstances.
• Groups of up to 14 can request an on-demand vehicle that gives them the ability to be transported together, providing a superior experience to riders when compared to the alternative of splitting up the group in multiple vehicles.
• Utilizing Fetii’s QR check-in system and per-person fee, riders don’t bear the responsibility of paying for the entire fare when riding with other individuals.
• The Fetii Group offering allows for riders to play their part in the decrease of carbon emissions and contribute to the reduction of traffic congestion by eliminating unnecessary vehicles from their trip.

Fetii Business

Fetii’s business offering connects their network with businesses and organizations who need transportation services for employees, clients, customers, etc. Due to Fetii’s ability to provide drivers with multiple streams of income, they are able to undercut any competitor providing similar services by over 60%. Fetii’s ability to undercut competitors at such a rate not only opens the door to businesses and organizations that already utilize a commuter service, but also opens the door to new companies who otherwise would not have been able to afford the service at the previous market prices. Key benefits to Fetii’s business offering include:

• The convenience of utilizing a 15-passenger vehicle without the costs of ownership. Such costs typically incurred by businesses include asset depreciation, insurance, management and driver payroll, and fuel.
• Businesses and organizations add value to their workplace experience and employee quality of life by providing a convenient and quality commuting solution. A Fetii Vehicle removes the inconvenience of waiting in traffic and allows for productivity during the workplace commute.
• Businesses and organizations add value to clients and customers by utilizing Fetii’s network for shuttling needs. Hotels can utilize Fetii to transport guests to airports, theme parks, downtown, and any other desired destination. The same applies to apartment complexes, theme parks, event venues, and more.
• Fetii’s business offering allows for business and organizations to play their part in the decrease of carbon emissions and contribute to the reduction of traffic congestion.

How it Started

Fetii was founded by Matthew Iommi and Justin Rath, following their sale of EZTutor, a peer-to-peer tutoring marketplace. Iommi and Rath wanted to use their resources and experience to tackle a problem that was fundamental to the way we live. Having spent time in Dallas, Austin, College Station, and Los Angeles it was apparent to them that there was a congestion issue evolving and worsening in our U.S. cities. So they decided to take a modern and fresh approach to transportation, and after multiple trials, they came up with Fetii!

Fetii App

Downloading the App

The Fetii app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.


Fetii App



Moving forward, Fetii will continue to increase in popularity and is soon to be a leader in the group transportation market. Their ability to reduce traffic congestion while providing a quality rideshare experience is transforming the industry as we know it. We can only expect growth and expansion in the future as the company will be sure to expand to other states in the United States and in the future even expand world-wide. Only time will tell.


  1. Trust me on this guys, the Fetii app is so much better than Uber. Haven’t used the Uber app since I discovered Fetii!

  2. This is great and informational! I have seen Fetii vehicles around my area but haven’t really tried it out yet. I’ll be sure to try it out when I need a ride next time.

  3. I booked a Fetii on my birthday and it was so fun. I prefer this over any other transportation service I’ve tried in the past.

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